We care...


At Maï & kaï we try to be as sustainable as possible. Our business in children’s underwear tries to have a minimal impact on the global or local environment. There is no perfect answer but we believe that is our responsibility to take care of this world and it’s nature.

Each company can take steps to a more sustainable way of doing business. So we take our responsibility by making sustainability as a priority. Maï & kaï is trying to change each step in the production process in moving towards a more sustainable option.

Therefore maï & kaï 

  • uses only 100% organic cotton
  • is GOTS certified 
  • uses no toxic print in their dying
  • our packaging is totally plastic free

Turtle Foundation

Turtle Foundation

Giving back

We believe in giving back because we truly care about the beauty of nature that surrounds us. 

Sea turtles are one of the most endangered species on the planet that are suffering from plastic pollution in the oceans. That's why we don't just ban plastic, 10% of our profit is donated to the Turtle Foundation, a non-profit organisation who protects these loving sea creatures.

Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Ethical production

We only work with companies who are GOTS certified and where a fair and  ethical relationship is being build with the employees. These companies have shown that they are environmentally conscious and have high work standards. We work with 2 GOTS certified companies (in Greece and India) for the production of our garments.  We strongly believe that making and wearing organic textiles should become a standard in everyday life.